Colchester Conservatives demand Extraordinary Meeting of Colchester Borough Council to freeze Council Tax

Conservative Opposition Group Leader Cllr Darius Laws and his councillors have requested the Mayor of Colchester to hold an extraordinary meeting of the Council.

The purpose of the meeting would be to press the new Lib/Lab/Green coalition to implement its election promises.

Cllr Darius Laws explained: “The Colchester Conservatives remain by far the largest single party on Colchester Borough Council.

But we have to accept the smaller parties collectively now have more seats.

We are in opposition and it is therefore our duty to hold the coalition to account – especially after the chaos it presided over last time.

During the recent local elections, I noticed they promised they would freeze Council Tax so we will hold them to that.

The Green Party also want an Ecology Officer for the Borough, so it is only right that Council meets to consider implementing this pledge."