Colchester Conservatives vote against proposal to introduce charges for collection of garden waste

At the City Council meeting on 22nd February, Colchester Conservatives voted against the proposals of the Labour & Liberal Democrat Coalition to introduce charges for the kerbside collection of garden waste, and scrapping of the household free drop-off service for receiving waste and recycling at strategic points around the City, all at a time of increasing council tax by almost 3%.

Unfortunately, the coalition of Labour & Liberal Democrats forced through the changes. We now wait to hear about the expected levels of charges.

City Council Lewis Barber told the Council: "Taxpayers feel that front line services should be protected and household budgets safeguarded, particular during difficult financial times for many residents.

Instead, we feel that the cost of politics should be reduced, such as by ending annual elections or reducing the number of senior councillors receiving special allowance payments."

Conservatives will focus on maintaining all essential Council Services, improving efficiency to deliver at the lowest cost.