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Colchester Conservatives fight for housing infrastructure

At the City of Colchester’s Full Council meeting, held on Thursday 23rd March 2023, Colchester Conservatives successfully proposed a change of direction to ensure future house building in the east of Colchester would come with a "plan for infrastructure". 

Inflationary pressures have significantly increased the cost of the vital Link Road between the A120 and A133. There is a real danger that initial Government fund of £99m might not be enough to complete the project. Colchester Conservatives support for the house-building in  the east of the City is conditional on a plan to resolve the funding shortfall before substantial house building is permitted.

Cllr William Sunnucks, Conservative Shadow Cabinet Member for Resources at the City of Colchester Council said“I am determined that we substantially improve the prospect that infrastructure will be delivered so that our residents do not suffer from chronic traffic congestion. The creation of a new link road between the A120 and A133, as well as the provision of a Rapid Transit Project, has the potential to reduce ‘through’ traffic across Colchester itself.”

Cllr Darius Laws, Conservative (Opposition) Group Leader at the City of Colchester Council added“The key is to capture land value to ensure we have funds to invest in essential infrastructure. The decisions on where houses are to be built must protect our well-established villages and communities”