Conservative Group at

Colchester City Council

  Cllr Paul Dundas, Conservative Group Leader

  Cllr Sara Naylor, Deputy Group Leader

  Cllr Robert Davidson, Chairman 

  Cllr Leigh Tate, Secretary and Whip  

  Cllr Jackie Maclean, Treasurer


The current political make-up of the Council after the elections on 2nd May 2024 is:

  • Conservative 19 

  • Liberal Democrats 14

  • Labour 14

  • Green 3

  • Independent 1

Conservative Spokespersons on Committees

Data awaited

This is the website of the Conservative Group of Councillors at Colchester City Council. It catalogues our policies for the Council, and our stance on matters coming before the Council, its Committees & Panels.

The Constitution of the Council recognises that Councillors may, if they so wish, organise themselves into political groups. These political groups of Councillors operate from the Town Hall, where they are provided with dedicated Council resources including office space. Council resources can only be used in regard to business of the Council, and can not be used for electioneering, or for party political activity not directly related to Council Business, nor for the promotion of candidates in elections 

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